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You can spend your time piping polluting petroleum in protected public parks, peddling pro-life propaganda for unplanned pregnancies, and putting lipstick on pigs, polar bears, and police state politics. We'll continue to provide poignant parodies of your party's predictable platforms and pathetic public policies. See a larger image >>

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Mark Foley & Larry Craig wrote
If she gets pregnant, will she decide to keep it? If so, can we raise the baby?

Emma wrote
How dare you insult such a patriot. She had done so much good for Alaska, like builting the bridge to nowwhere, cutting funding for pregnant mothers (except her daughter) and banning books. Polar bears are overrated. Get over it. Shes just like Bush, but better.

TheGreatest wrote
Now that is some FUNNY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shock and Awe wrote
I am awed! A little shocked! But shocked into thinking this t-shirt is beyond awesome!

Palin's daughter's baby's daddy wrote
Wish I'da hit it wit the mom too!

SadBUTTure wrote
B I N G O! (good from them too)

Emma's an idiot wrote
First off, no, she did not build (builting? Really?) a bridge to nowhere (nowwhere? Seriously?)... No, she did not cut funding to pregnant mothers (why are they being funded, anyway?), and no, she did NOT ban any books...

Please, research things before you go blindly spreading lies.

Otherwise, yeah, this is a funny ass shirt...

Reply to Emma's an idiot wrote wrote
you need ole John to drill you into proper shape. palin is just as stupid as bush. I want Palin's finger on the Trigger when russia pushes into a countrie that they feel threatens them, sounds like Russia did what did to Iraq. Palin is a freek, and will just push John out of the way that Cheney has done to bush.

kmo wrote
i think you all need to learn how to spell.

this is a great shirt; kudos nick!!

Kittness wrote
I think Emma was being facetious

Nico wrote
I want to fuck her too

Eddie Mo wrote
out-of-this-world alliteration in that description. is it weird that the shirt kinda turned me on? i feel dirty. well done!

mo-tina wrote
omg, love it!

and i love emma.

Nick Sandwhich wrote
This turns me on. VPILF all the way.

dan wrote
More low class leftist trash.

jeet wrote
This is very nice.

Sailor Vic wrote

ButCrap wrote
Up yours you asswipe demorats

genesis wrote

Mudshark wrote
The real matter here is that if Obama is elected we the people who work for a living are screwed. Remember the saying "America---- The Jews own it, The whites work it and the blacks enjoy it". Yes I am Racist...........

brent wrote
more ignorant bs to fuel a divisive nation... this is no better than a Barack Tshirt depicting him as a terrorist. Being a liberal is about open-mindedness and empowering normal working class people. Its close-minded to crush a person for personal beliefs...its anti-everything good to assume someones an idiot simply because he/she hasnt spent 12 years cackling with usueless politicians. also..get facts straight emma...u epitomize both parties' idiocy.

ominique-real name wrote
Mudshark- I like the way you speak your mind under a alias, on a website where noone knows who you are...Please believe, I bet you wouldn't say that racist crap to us Blacks "who enjoy it" as you say, to our face, where you can be seen and/or heard, coward...that is just what you are "a coward"..We enjoy what we work for, just like you...And that's why Barack Obama is going to ENJOY being your PRESIDENT.....

Perv wrote
Very nice. But to be real accurate it should be Palin drilling McCain with a strap on, cause that's who's on top, know what I mean?

Asshattery wrote
That anyone thinks this sort of misogynistic crap is funny is just pathetic. Palin is an awful candidate and would be a terrible VP or Pres. There are plenty of ways to express that without, you know, demeaning women and turning her into some sort of sex toy. Ugh.

Julius wrote
To Emma's an Idiot;

Here are your facts:
Palin cut funding for a program that would have helped pregnant moms get skills and jobs, rather than spending life on welfare. Facts here: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2008/09/02/palin_slashed_funding_to_help.html

The Bridge to Nowhere was a $398 million dollar taxpayer funded bridge to a tiny, sparsely populated island in Alaska. Palin both supported, then didn't support it. Facts here:

Palin tried to get a librarian, who wouldn't agree to censor books from the Wasilla public library, fired. She backed off after public outcry, though. Facts here:

Emma was right about everything she said. You're obviously the uninformed one. Maybe do a few quick fact checks before you go spewing your regurgitated republican rhetoric all over the internet. The fact that Palin is even on the ticket should terrify everyone in America. Wake Up!!!

Allison wrote
This is disgusting. I just ordered a hoodie from you guys and it hasn't arrived yet, but I'm considering returning it. I understand this clothing is supposed to be funny, but this is not. It's childish and crass.

mdh wrote
Wow. An election with a clear choice and you're stuck in 3rd grade.

How does this help with swing voters?

Seriously, FU guys. I hope Karl Rove's check clears.

4th Grade Actually wrote
Stupid Repulicrats.

uluro wrote
This shirt is an absolute riot! Love it! We're all screwed if this pair is elected!

Juicy Julie wrote
Palin is soooo amazing.

I don't care where she stands on the issues -- that hair is to die for!

She should break up with McCain though, she really could do better.

Virginia wrote
How do you suppose Laura Bush (A LIBRARIAN) feels about censoring books and/or removing books from library shelves (for the 'GOOD' of the reading American public)....mmmm....I wonder if she agrees with Palin's 'philosophy'.....

Spondilux wrote
Divisivness?? This is an excellent way to close the generation gap, I think more old men should be stuffing women in power. Hell I think Hillary should be on a T-shirt getting boned by Rudy Gulliani to help heal the nation. The only pathetic thing about this T-shirt is that it actually turns me on too,
Im going to hell with a first class ticket!

JackiChan wrote
McCain loves it when Palin calls her "big papa."

Terri wrote
HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON BEAT BARACK H. OBAMA (we are not allowed to use his middle name) in the primaries! THE CLINTON VOTERS will NOT support Obama and his band of monkeys and zombie followers into the General Election! McCain and Palin are the ones with the answers...Obama can't even take a TOWNHALL MEETING!

Ronmac wrote
Terri, are you on crack?

Stella wrote
I actually think his elbows stick out further than that. But thats just what I heard from Palin's sperminated daughter.

Reply to Reply to Emma's an idiot wrote wrote wrote wrote
Palin's just a self-important MILF. She would be crap in the White House. It's best to vote for Obama. Why?

1. When McCain kicks the bucket (and you know he *WILL*) she will become President and try to make us all follow ultraconservative legistlation.

2. Obama jokes. It's a chance to rehash old "yo mama" jokes. (Obama is so stupid that when he was asked about his opinions on red China, he said we should use a purple tablecloth.)

ashleigh wrote
Censorship is not always bad - there are many positive benefits of censorship of books, tv, music and culture in general. This shirt, for instance should be censored. Companies like this reveal the cracks in the first amendment.

hatin on republicans wrote
Needs to say MILF on her shirt!!!!!!

MooseMurders wrote
The tee is great, but the graphic is inaccurate in 2 ways:
1. McLame is way too old to bang her or anybody else, even after doing a case of Viagra.
2. Palin secretly wants Obama and Biden in a 3-way.

anonymous wrote
This website should be shut down for this sick stuff. You people have no class whatsoever. You and punditkitchen are a bunch of liberal pieces of crap. Losers.

Hana wrote
That is disgusting! You need to be shut down. What the hell kind of people are you? Such childish antics are usually stopped about 2nd grade...maybe 3rd if you're slow.

Sick. You need help.

aishiori wrote
Spot on, but Palin should be driving.

perv 2 wrote
he should have been blowing a load of oil all over her face... other than that this is a perfect depiction

Sandy wrote
Hey Hana:
Grow a pair. maybe your level of tolerance is a bit out of touch. If it bothers you so much why don't you stop looking?

Alex Gross wrote
Yo. If you don't like the shirt it's simple. Don't buy it. You guys whine and bitch like a bunch of babies. I'm buying this shirt just so I can wear it around and make you cry and moan. Get a life people. Censorship is the worst thing ever but maybe not. China looks fun! Communism worked for them! Let's do it America!

isurvivedike wrote
right on, perv 2. come on, guys...she was in beauty pageants. that speaks volumes about her values.

Karyn wrote
Hey, Terri:

If you're voting for McCain/Palin just because Palin has a vagina, you weren't much of a Hillary supporter. Last time I checked, Hillary had nearly nothing in common with Sarah Palin except for the fact that they both have two X chromosomes and female sex organs. Sarah Palin is nothing but a desperate (and thoroughly insulting) attempt by John McCain and his RNC whoremasters to gain female votes, and this middle-class, thirty-something, white mother of two (who voted for Hillary in the primary, BTW) is having NONE OF IT. Peddle your pro-life, pro-Big Oil, pro-gun, pro-fundamentalist propaganda elsewhere.

Awfully sweet of you to refer to Barack Hussein (yeah, I said it...it's a name...GET OVER IT) Obama's supporters as "monkeys", too.

In the meantime, this shirt is f'ing hilarious!

Kim VA wrote
I think she\'s in the wrong spot, John is the one selling out to the right wing=Palin. So who\'s screwing who.

Anyway, I used to delve into that type of shock t-shirt, when I was young, vigor and totally into freedom of speech. However, this perticular, should have warnings of the x-rated nature, because publicly, it is equivalent to cartoon porn and sexist, because a true woman always stays on top.


Zane wrote
that's some funny shit and it ain't intended to offend the political nuts.. atleast i'm not offended.

but still... LOL

Jess wrote
To the people who think this is disgusting and this site should be shut down:

You were not forced in any way, shape, or fashion to look at this site nor at this picture/shirt. If you don't like it, don't look at it- easy as that. Essentially, if you want things like this to not exist, you need to move out of the U.S. There's far far FAR worse out there on the INTERWEBS than this about Palin and other females. Does it make it wrong or right? Who's to judge? Everything is judged by morals- and everyones' morals are different levels of tolerance. Grow up and move on.

Yessdir wrote
Hey MooseMurders, Hussein Obama and Joe Biden want her. She wouldn't let those 2 trash touch her though. She has too much CLASS, which Hussein and Joe have ABSOLUTELY none of. They both suck! (pardon the pun)

louise wrote
they missed the thought ballon for McGeezer 'Thank God for Viagra!'

Bernie Linder wrote
Nothing could illustrate what kind of puke you people are . Thank you for revealing yourselves.

ash wrote
Yeah Bernie - sex is such puke! I completely agree with your hatred of sex - it is a horrible and disgusting vomitous act. It should never be done by anyone, ever - especially two adults!

Jay wrote
I'd fuck Palin up the asshole, then throw her in a pit of crocodiles.

Unless she'd be willing to be my personal blowjob slave and STFU for the rest of her life, ofcourse.

eddy wrote


Ricey wrote
Fucking. Epic. Awesome.

rich hates you wrote
liberals cant spell...i guess george bush is responsible for that as well...well i hope obama can heal the world with his captivating speeches-while we pay thhrough the nose for those who didnt work as hard or were content making excuses for their poverty instead of working even harder. i come from a poor background and have had to work hard to get where i am today..i didnt need gov. money..why should i pay for them..liberals dont get it...and why do they sneer at republicans while we just laugh while they embarrass themselves..

-however i like the t-shirt

fuck U Rich wrote
unless you make over $200,000 a year, then you WON'T be paying through the nose for anything. The maximum tax rate now is 35%, and again, that is for the top 3.4% of American earners. If you happen to be one of those top 3.4% earners, why are you on a t-shirt website bitching about free-speech, and cartoon parodies? Shouldn't you be working? So, continue to lie about Obama making you pay through the nose, when the truth is he will LOWER taxes for over 81% of AMERICAN EARNERS. Get the facts fuck-o. And after you've done that, go wash your mouth out with buckshot. By the way, I'm a liberal, in LAW SCHOOL. Did I misspell anything? Cocksucker.

Pissed Off Middleclasser wrote
Absolutely Awesome. Palin in dominatrix gear would work too.

Who is the idiot who posted that censorship is OK? I think if the posts criticizing this shirt were removed he might feel differently. These are the same geniuses that said that criticizing the president is unAmerican. WTF? Speaking your mind - ESPECIALLY if it is critical of the government or its procedures/policies is probably the most American thing anyone can do. And this would apply if a Democrat were in the White House as well. If you want to live in a country were the ruling party doesn't have to tolerate criticism and uses widespread censorship - then GO TO FUCKING CHINA.

To Rich wrote
Break your arms and damage your spine so that you can't walk ever again- then tell me that you're too lazy to work and that I should keep my few dollars out of my paycheck so that I can, you know, get Starbucks a couple times a month.

Not all people who get assistance are cheaters, just like not all Republicans are fucktards. Grow a fucking heart, or at least steal one to use.

Comedy wrote
Why is Rich Little riding Tina Fey? I don't get it.

Bill wrote
The t-shirt conclusively demonstrates that the only kind of sexual satisfaction the pathetic left can get is by envisioning conservatives doing it.

kachacha wrote
I am convinced Sarah is really a man in drag. I'd like to have a t-shirt that shows her as the female imposter that she is.

I do think we need to elect another group of hillbillies to the most important office in America. We've already had 8 years of them, hell, and we are used to disasters (no jobs, broken economy, housing foreclosures, creationism, environmental degradation, and on and on) And then lets just watch ourselves sink into the Alaskan sunset along with the glaciers and aerial hunted polar bears, wolves and other animals. We will deserve that if McCrusty and Paleman (The Clampett's) are elected.

TrueBill wrote
Damn, I feel like I wanna fuck Sarah Palin doggystyle. I will give that fucking tshirt a five star *****.

Diego wrote
Man Nothing like seeing an uptight woman get it forcefully from the rear!

Rock on!

elsueno wrote
I have to admit I had a sharp intake of breath when I saw the T-shirt--not from being turned on but from a little bit of shock. I love it when neo cons say liberals can't spell. Some of the most illiterate crap I've ever seen printed has been on FreedomsWatch's blog--except when one of their Rove operatives writes. I recently went to a Repug rally and started shouting, "Four more years." Don't you know the idiots started chanting it with me. I also said, "Drill, baby, drill...if you're an imbecile." After a couple of chants they figured it out. Wow!

tomccat wrote
Unfortunately....if the Neocons re-take the White House, everyone that made comments here will be on the new terrorist watch list.

Hilarious shirt though!

Not me... wrote
I think this shirt is funny AND will still be voting for McCain/Palin...

That's probably the most action McCain's had in a long time...

vanessa wrote

Kat wrote
I'm a democrat, and I hate Palin more than anything, but this is the most sexist bullshit I've ever seen. How can we expect women to run for office if this is how they're treated?

wranglers wrote
Nice. I'm sure you'd like to see your mother on one of your tee's like that. Very classy people you have there. What a bunch of fuckwads.

mythmorph wrote
Yo -- Time Out.

Listen -- you Pail fans -- how can you POSSIBLY, in ANY LIGHT, think she's good for this country??? I mean come on -- do you really want Big Brother/SISTER to choose what you can and can't read? Aren't you worried about this dinosaur thing? And lemme axe you -- what would you repuglicants be screaming if Obama had a teenage unwed preg daughter??? I can answer that one for myself. IMHO you're racist, dumb, undereducated, selfish, compassionless, uncreative, scared-of-progress, rigid, and, in terms of this tee -- humorless. Mental runts.

Political cartoons have been around since forever. Grow up. Take some extension courses or finish your HS education; do some COMMUNITY ORGANIZING; stop wanting the 19th century to return. I mean -- you're beyond belief.

eve wrote
Shouldn't you have lined up the rest of the republican (male) party behind her waiting to get their 2"in.

Bernie Ebbers wrote
You see, if Hilary was in there they could have "repulicrat" SEX.

buttherpes wrote
the world has gone to shit...people really need to understand that you need to help poor people .. thus infact then they can help themselves..i believe there should be a cut off time for all welfare.. (exc mentally and disable) the shirt is funny.. really funny i believe its more true than funny .. i also believe a woman can do a great job as the president.. but pail is not a good choice just look into her past...

luke weyland wrote
Ah the "Pro-Life" Palin, and the rest of the Elephantine Republican entourage. These Pro-Lifers like to kill moose, clear the native forests, oppose life saving free health-care for all, and want to bomb everyone who doesn't follow US line.

They support a new version of a welfare state - socialise the expences of the rich with multi billion dollar bail outs of financial institutions and privatise the wealth of the nation.

Ash wrote
HAHA! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Michael wrote
It is truly amazing that this group of scared shitless liberals has to stoop to this level of poor taste and disgust. This is exactly why, after 20+ years, I left you bums and joined the Republican Party, one that TRULY believes in America! Liberals say they care, while their hand in going into your purse/wallet. Go ahead mindless puppetts, keep those blinders on. And a BIG SHOUT OUT to ALL the Hillary supporters...Keep the faith, and pull that lever for McCain/Palin...we won't let you down like B.Hussein Obama did. GOD BLESS AMERICA, adn yes...DRILL BABY DRILL...RIGHT IN YOUR BACKYARD, IF IT BRINGS COSTS UNDER CONTROL...GET OVER IT!!!

Peter wrote
I don't care about your party affiliation, what I do care about is an American sinking this low. These will possibly be the next leaders of this nation and some courtesy has to be extended to them. What would the founding fathers say about this? I'm not sure whether you're a true anarchist (you're naive if you are), but the libertarian philosophy teaches you can do what you want to others as long as it doesn't harm others. This shirt harms others and more importantly the American character.

HFC sucks and bleeds the life out of your soul wrote
The fact that this has created such angst is actually funny. Those of you that take this serious are way too uptight. I understand that the simple minded think that Bill "can you give me the explanation of IT" Clinton was actually a good president, and not take into consideration the massive amount of training the terrorists were able to do on his watch while he got to ride on the E-commerce economy and get hummers in the White House, was a good president. Both candidates bring good things to the office: McCain actually serving his country his entire life, and Obama is better than Clinton cause he is like a new car salesman, not the used car salesman that Clinton was. Lighten up, there are people being killed and tortured over seas. We are whining about this?

RC wrote
Hillbillies of WV should sue as we are the world's only hillbillies. These Palins are impostures ---that Johnson boy, or Big Johnson might be considered but he doesn't seem trashy enough

TurboCon wrote
What do you call a Harvard educated African-American lawyer sitting behind the desk of the Oval Office?

Re: TurboCon wrote
I dunno.....The N-word?

toto wrote

Lauren wrote
HAHAHA I hope this country isn't dumb enough to vote four more years of bush! This T-shirt is HILIARIOUS!!
I agree with Perv she should be behind him with a strap on and his head between George W's legs!!!!

randyroofwlker wrote
uluro wrote
This shirt is an absolute riot! Love it! We're all screwed if this pair is elected!

You are absolutely right Uluro - We are all screwed if
they are elected.

Great tee-shirt though - I love it!!!

Hagrid55 wrote
Funny shirt, if somewhat predictable. But it's heading straight for the Broke-Ass Bargain Bin when OBAMA WINS! Why not do an Obama shirt?

mcfar73 wrote
Michael, I hope they drill right outside your door--hey if it lowers the price go for it, right? You should listen to your self--are you Bush jr? You are the idiot if you think the liberals are the reason for the dislike Palin. Most Republicans can't even say she is good choice. But will call liberals bums--and I supported Hillary and will never support McCain. You have some more growing to do honey.

usedtobeindependent wrote
Michael is a loyal trooper in the right-wing smear machine. Keep up the good work - the CEO's all love you guys! Lets' go bail out another failed company!
Let's borrow more from China - great! Face it - the economy went to hell on Bush's watch and we were attacked on Bush's watch. Oops I forgot - everything is Clinton's fault! Here's an oxymoron: a Republican Environmentalist! Oh well, I pity whoever wins, we've got such a mess.

non conformist wrote
its humor get over it!! fucking funny but McInsane wishes he could still drill!!

mcfar's an ass wrote
The administration's research into expanded offshore drilling concludes that we would see no impact on prices until 2030. However, conservative pundits have been feeding us times of 2-3 years, causing us to support something we think will him when in all actuality, we really are being fucked.

Completely unrelated, as the pundits have been drumming up support for offshore drilling, they claimed (lied) that no rigs were damaged an no oil was spilled into the ocean during Katrina. And just recently 38 offshore platforms were destroyed by hurricane Ike. I can't believe we bought this bullshit.

Inflate the prune wrote
Drill MccCain Drill! He might as well because thats the only thing he seems to be good at. Its funny but nasty. I mean who want old white wrinkled **** anyway?

Seven years of college down the drain wrote
"By the way, I'm a liberal, in LAW SCHOOL. Did I misspell anything?"

Ooooh law school? Golly, you must be better than all of us other people, right? What you missed, you liberal jerk, is that the there are some people in this country who have actually studied the Constitution, and understand the system that the framers put in place, with respect to apportionment and taxation. (Since you know how to spell you can look that up.)

We also understand that the same "progressives" who gave us prohibition (which gave rise to organized crime) are the people who fraudulently rammed through the 16th amendment, which gave us the progressive income tax. Those of us who understand this also understand that America will only return to true greatness when the 16th amendment is repealed, and when you liberals and progressives are run out of positions of power. It has been a nearly 100-year fight, and the fact that ANYONE in their right mind would support Obama indicates that the battle is not yet over.

The fact that you idiots think you are entitled to one dime of anyone's money for your rathole socialist programs is a fact which tens of millions of Americans can no longer stand, and it is a situation that I sincerely believe and hope will be rectified in the coming years. (Indeed it must, or our debt obligations will bankrupt us.)

It is no business of the federal government's what anyone makes, and further, beyond the extra-constitutional activity which is responsible for the amendment itself, there is NO constitutional authority for the myriad federal spending programs that you liberals so lust after. Again, as a law school student I would think you studied all this in your ConLaw classes. Unless, of course, all your professors are Lib/Socialists, too.

In addition, everyone with half a brain knows that Obama is lying just as much as Bill Clinton -- who PROMISED a middle class tax cut, and then orchestrated the largest tax increase in history. But, see, that was 16 years ago when you were in kiddiegarden, and the Liberals in the media won't tell you that story.

SHUT UP AND BUY!!! wrote
Buy those shirts! and burn em!... and then buy some more!!!

we're going streaking! meet me at the quad!! These pecil dicks need to chill out with all the political bs.


Christie wrote
I can't believe anyone would wear this shirt in public, pretty trashy.

Jeebus Squrril Crist wrote

Wiser wrote
Tina Fey is richer and about eight years younger. Better ass, too.

Chris wrote
I think some liberal father should make his 11 year old kid wear this to school to counter that conservative douchebag.

M D wrote
I bought it :) I will wear it until It stinks too much to keep wearing it, then I will buy another one, etc, etc, etc :)

lessjobsmorewar dot com

perfect price too :)

it's god's will to buy this shirt!

mmm wrote


Heath wrote
Everyone who thinks this t-shirt is great should think about how they would feel if their own mothers were displayed on the t-shirt in this position with Bill Clinton behind them.

Come on -- isn't there a better way to make a political statement than resorting to trash like this?

god wrote

Gabriella wrote
Yes, it is just a cartoon. The way to counter speech that is in poor taste, however, is more speech. So, if someone decides to put out trash like this, then he/she should expect others to challenge it.

I'd hit it wrote
I would eat palin's ass with a spoon, stick my finger down my throat and vomit the shit into a cup, get together with a bunch of my ignorant republican friends and film a remake of two girls one cup called 7 morons and one cup full of regurgitated sarah palin feces. And people your spelling is pathetic.

me wrote
great shirt, and no she won't get pregnanty because he's drilling for brown oil. and I'd say he hit gold.

Ageeah wrote
Fuckin republicans...wont regulate anything except free speech. It is the "drill, baby, drill" that is the joke. the cartoon is as absurd as the policy. get it?

billy bob wrote
excellent tee will any one buy it for billy bob for free

PlainEJaYne wrote
Mudshark wrote
The real matter here is that if Obama is elected we the people who work for a living are screwed. Remember the saying "America---- The Jews own it, The whites work it and the blacks enjoy it". Yes I am Racist...........

That statement is untrue and reflects your IGNORANCE...However...we've worked for more than 5 centuries while the MASTER enjoyed it!!

I Love this SHIRT!!! I'm about to order my 3rd in a different color....Put it one MUDSHARK'S tab...Thanks :-)

Beth - iwontfadeout wrote
So I'm not for Team McCain AT ALL, but if McCain's VP nominee were a guy, would this shirt still exist?
The media needs to stop being sexist with women in politics.

beth you moron wrote
what you are neglecting to remember is that republicans are not sexist, they will also have sex with other men in public restrooms and even pick up little boys in online chatrooms. So if you really want to see a t-shirt with a picture of mark foley cornholing a nine year old boy keep running that cunt-like manpleaser that you call a mouth, and maybe someday there will be sexual equality for all.

Brian wrote
Disgusting. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

What has this country come to?

And, hopefully none of you have kids....or is that how you raise them, too......to have no values or sense of decency?

Jon wrote
I got the hoodie and i can't wait to insult all the low info voters in my area.

Billy wrote
This shirt is no more disgusting than the horrific "smear and fear" tactics being waged by McCain and Palin, here in their last desperate days.

McCain and Palin are toast. How sweet it is.

Face it, NeoCons, your next Commander in Chief is gonna be Barack. Your power base is about to be fractured, and you will be returned to the place you all came from and belong to: The Fringe.

Hopefully, *real* Republicans will then be able to take control of their party once again, soon after the Fringe extremists and pseudo-Christians are removed and forgotten.

God Bless America and God Bless Obama!

JMAC wrote
I love it! What straight guy and curious woman doesn\'t want Sarah Palin! She is a babe and she is getting my vote! Not because she is a babe but rather because Obama sucks! :) Have a nice day liberals!

Jigglin' wrote
This is too funny.... I support this message.

The best part is the neo con outrage, not over the shirt, but 'pussy liberals' and their taxation. I've yet to hear anything of substance argued in favor of the GOP this year... it is all "OMG they want taxes!" while our money is pissed away on millionaires on spa retreats, wars and their profiteers, and fat-cat tax breaks.

baby g wrote
so now that she's getting wild and nasty... does that meant that she gets a get out jail free card???

Smart enough to know the truth wrote
To everyone who has posted a negative comment about the McCain/Palin ticket - get ready to have the government control everything you do if Osama/Obama wins the election! Grow up and educate yourself!! Never in the history of the United States has it been more clear that Osama/Obama wants to turn this country into Canada! His wife is even more dangerous than he is....

pita wrote
You are disgusting assholes to make a living selling trash like this!

J wrote
There is a special place in hell your people like you.

amused wrote
this message board is even funnier than the shirt. some people get too worked about shit huh

Toesmalone wrote
It doesn't matter who the next president will be.. coz America will still be a pain in the arse for the rest of the world!!

Di wrote
So disgusting. As are the people who created the t-shirt, the people who buy it and the people who actually would wear this trash.

Palin 2016 wrote
Obama doing Hillary would be more appropriate. Wait a minute...he did that to her already. Truth is stranger than the fiction on this shirt.

edword wrote
Julious your links and facts are BS.

Terminator for President 2012!!!

I wore this shirt and some dumb redneck beat my ass. I followed him home and did his sister...only to find out that it was his wife too! i hate repiblicans, almost as mch as hipsters and rice pudding. i like chocolate pudding, almost as much as the mixed kind, ya know snack packs? anyway thats how i look at obama, he is the snack pack for candidates. while mccain is the prune juice and palin the bacon. i'd def fuck that bacon!

Tony M. wrote
Too funny, do more prints... you guys rock!

Dave wrote
Sweet... sexism is SO FUNNY when it is packaged as progressive irony.

Obama doing Biden wrote
Let me know when you\'re done with the image of Obama boning Biden or vice versa

Greg wrote
What a load of crap this is. And it's all you libs that call repub's hatemongers. Grow up.

Fuzzlenutter wrote
I hope and pray that the miserable f*cks who created this garbage and the miserable f*cks who find this humorous die miserable f*cking deaths while I die laughing...

metro wrote
Palin rocks. You people are fukken losers. No wonder you want wealth redistribution! Get a fukken job!

socal4patrick wrote
Why are lesbians so bitter ? Is it the carpet munching that makes you angry ?

ClassicCon wrote
Oooh, those hipsters sure are clever? Children with pubic hair and pissed off ugly women.

Still looking for your Magic Negro or Curious George T-Shirts.

No big deal, most of you minimum wage earning, diseased democrats will be dead from HIV/syphilis soon to matter any more.

GG wrote
Can anyone name a single good reason why they are voting for Obama?

Google Rules for Radicals.
Google Marxism.
Google ACORN.

TrueDem wrote
Hey! How about a shirt with Joe Biden in a KKK robe stringing Obama up from a tree! That would be Fuckin' Hilarious! Biden could be saying "Now THAT'S Articulate and Clean!"

Your Daddy wrote
Where's the one of Obama drilling Biden?

sonofdy wrote
Typical liberal bigotry. What a hate filled group.

Brandon wrote
You stay classy, Palin-haters! Hope you get sued for wearing the t-shirt in public.

Anna Lemma wrote
Anyone want to bet the skank in the Tee has, has had, or soon will have, an STD???

If you know who she is, why not print up the pic and send it to her mom? I bet she would be sooooo proud of her daughter!!

Liberalfacist wrote
We need a t shirt with Obama screwing the 20% of late term abortion babys that survive only to be killed, because Obama thinks it's a great idea.

monique wrote

That is almost as funny as a t-shirt of Obama fucking his kids (Doggie Style) With Michelles approval. They were loving Daddys attention and saying "Punish me Daddy"! Something about how libs have no morals or something, and "don't worry, you can get an abortion" .

The another t-shirt is of Obama with his Mistress VERA, that was sent to hide out in the Caribbeans and Michelle ready to lynch him she was so pissed.


Up yours! wrote
Get stomach cancer, fuckheads.

hardhardright wrote
More proof that liberals have no moral, even less intelligence and a negative on the tolerance meter. Losers all. Proof the public school system has done it's job well undermining America....

And it's ironic given that this T-shirt business wouldn't be possible in the rainbow-unicorn-fuzzy-bunny world of the socialist Obamanation.

aha wrote
Hey, Moskowitz: there's a little surprise headed your way. Watch for it!

flamers wrote
Product suggestion: Same T-Shirt, but with Obama in back and Biden in front...

Steven wrote
I have one for you.... OBAMA IS A N*#$ER. Just about as classy as you so-called progressive animals. Liberals are supposed to be tolerant. You pricks are the most hateful, sexist, assholes I can imagine. The Democrats are not who they once were. I am horrified.

Allah wrote
LMAO anything that makes a Republican whine and act P.C. is WIN by me!

Rebecca wrote
Disgusting garbage from the liberals. How low can the left sink?

syn wrote
Women for Misogyny

Sweeties come a long way backward, haven\'t you.

Now sit down, shut up and obey Obama.

abe wrote
sad. just sad.

sucking obama wrote
I guess you shithead liberals traded in your welfare cards and WIC checks to buy the t-shirt. Typical vile liberal shit from typical mindless liberal idiots. It must be that none of you get sex so you vicariously get your thrills with this t-shirt. You get your rocks off also imagining yourselves kneeling in front of Obama as he squirts in your eyes. Losers!!!!

ConservativeNotRepublican wrote
Once again, the deranged Left shows it no longer wants to pretend to have the slightest sense of decency. Pathetic pigs. Too bad none of you effete sissies has the guts to wear such trash in public.

Curmudgeon wrote
Iím sure there are similar T-shirts of Obama boning Biden.

Because there is *no* sexism in this campaign. Racism, you bet. Every time those Republicans link Obama with that white male Communist terrorist, you can be sure racism is to blame. The Demunist Commiecrat Politboro has dictated so, as has the liberal media Pravda.

But sexism? In this campaign? No way!!!!!

SCCON wrote
Proves the point, the rabid Leftistas are the real repugs.

Free Speech Lover wrote
Free Speech is a wonderful thing!

Keep up the good work!

and righties -
take a deep breath and relax and then learn to take a joke : )

DHH wrote
Uh-huh. For guys who claim to have their liberties crushed by evil Chimpy Bushitler, the world\'s dumbest super-evil genius fascist, you sure have lots of freedom.

Well, whatever. Your pubertal behavior isn\'t even the most hateful sh*t flung at Gov. Palin by Obama\'s henchmen. I\'ll just e-mail this funny page to everyone I know and ask them if they plan to vote for your guy.

Stay classy!


PS: @ Free Speech Lover - just what I think, but imagine - just IMAGINE - something even remotely like this shot at Obama. And then imagine the outcry in the mainstream media, on left-wing blogs, in Congress etc., etc... Double standards, anyone?

jones wrote
eat shit you hypocritical, leftist fucks
there is no one more sexist nor racist than a leftist who feels someone is a traitor to their sex or race

it's people like you who will make me so very glad when Obama is defeated, against all the efforts of the leftist press corps

Kel wrote
Where's the Viagra bottle?

...How can anyone be more comfortable with Obama?
How did he make it this far? Thanks Hillary for screwing up the nation!

moose wrote
I would like to see Hussine doing Joe! (not joe the plumber, he would castrate BHO)

Jason wrote
you to can reach this fine demographic. Its called the infected sodomite hole chaseing demographic.Just offer a bottle of anti bionics with every shirt sold.

zeeman wrote
What are you toolbags gonna do when bambi loses????

malclave wrote
He... the libtards running this site are censoring messages. Let's keep them busy.

"Free speech for me, not for thee." Way to go, assholes.

John Thomas wrote
I would HIT, HIT, HIT that Palin, and "accidentally" slip it into the wrong hole.

Frederik wrote
Thank you for reminding me why I will be voting on 11/4 for McCain and Palin. I have to admit that I have sometimes second doubts, but then I always stumble upon a couple of idiots like the people who run this website who always remind me what is on stake. As for the people who run this website: I hope that one day your life will get crashed. I don't know what, how or where, but I wish you all the worse. And when you will be at the bottom remember the day when you made these T-shirts.

Dan wrote
"because you were using racist words in your message."


Some free speech!!!

Jim wrote
Yep, this is what they consider to be acceptable conduct. Except if it were a pic of Obama drilling Biden, that would be unacceptable. 2 faced bunch of losers you are.

A Real Person wrote
Do any of the brain dead sacks of snake shit have anything intelligent to say? No, obviously not. I swear, when the shit hits the fan it'll be because someone knocking it out of your fucking head. I wouldn't be surprised to see Todd Palin and his secret service entourage show up at your door and have some interesting things to tell you.

Manbearpig wrote
You people are rotten cunts.

I am better then this site wrote
Anyone wasting their time here on this site is really an embarrassment to our country....you have earned your IDIOT Status...I am embarassed for you.....they got you acting just like an IDIOT PUPPET.......and you are being FOOLED...ha ha ha ha..good luck...I got better things to do with my life......STUPIDITY is flying high here......Only losers for sure...guess someone has to fit into ths category...congrats!

Tami wrote
You people are disgusting and everything that is wrong with this country. Shame on you.

thebronze wrote
Thanks for making this shirt!

Now I know that I don't have to spend any of my money here.

guppy wrote
It's going to be hilarious when Barrack loses the election. Watch out it's coming and all the jobless freaks are going to go nuts. He can't close the deal...he can dribble, but he can't hit the basket to save his life.

Ann wrote
Lets see - more sexism, so far Obama & his supporters have insulted who? women, gun owners, bible owners, \"typical white grandmothers\", etc.....
Keep it up if you want a solid McCain victory Nov 4

Chris wrote

Now, let's talk about a shirt with Barack Obama and the Man with the Yellow Hat....

Gramps wrote
Used to be that people respected each other, even when they disagreed on something. But you liberal idiots have poisoned society. That is why people do not respect anyone, including themselves. Kids are following suit, that is why they are killing each other, You are a cancer that needs to be cut out of society before you kill it. I hope you pay dearly for your arrogance.
And Freespeechlover, this has nothing to do with free speech kuncklehead. It is all about respect. Seems you don't have a clue about that either. It's a shame.

Mica Vim Toot wrote
When you lefties riot after 11/5 I'll be one of the people calming you down.

Vim Toot!

Warden wrote
Stay classy, Obamatards. Stay classy. BTW, Joe the Plumber called. He said enjoy 4 years of McCain and 8 of Palin.

ObamaisGod wrote
Can't wait to substitute Palin with all the working Americans. . .and all of us unemployed, exploited, oppressed victims can take the Old Man's spot . . .in other words, can't wait to screw you all.

Permanent Majority wrote
Totally excellent! The only downside is the shelf life is kind of limited (since within a year the 2008 Republican ticket is going to be little more than the answer to a trivia question along the lines of "Failed pandering to a whackjob base resulted in the pairing of which incompetent & unqualified members of the GOP party?"), and you'll have to explain who the couple depicted are to the general populace.

On the other hand that Palin lady *might* be able to get a job performing on a nostalgia induced cable tv show along the lines of "Swimsuit Wrestling Smackdowns Featuring Yesterday's Headlines" around 2012 or so; "...ANNND in this corner, the EMBARRACUDA!"

SayNoToPurpleLips&Plugs wrote
That is one funny fucking tee shirt...and this from someone who's been voting since 1977 and has never voted for a Dem in ANY race (and I'm in NYC!), and has no intention of voting for Frank Davis's son (you don't really believe his father is that Kenyan wife-abandoner/alcoholic whose skin is where photons went to die, do you?) in this, the most important of elections in all of our lifetimes.

LibsRMorons wrote
I like how the girl wearing the T-shirt offers an insight as to her IQ by indicating the precise number with her single, middle finger. I like that kind of honesty. Does she work for the NY Times or Keith Olbermann? Perhaps with that IQ she's too smart for Olbermann as I'm sure she'd confuse him by speaking in multiple syllables.

mesablue wrote
I won't buy this shirt -- It's got hippie smell on it.

Not Fooled by Obama wrote
Hey look, conceited hipster douchebags who think they're funny because they're doing the same exact thing their "funny" urban clone neighbors are doing. Boy you Obama supporters sure like to portray the other side as robotic ignorant hordes, but I guess you can't see that it is in fact YOU obamatons who are really the robotic hordes who can't think for yourselves! You shallow fucktards are probably voting for Obama simply because Justin Timberlake/Madonna/insert-celbritard here told you to. And you're so proud of "independence" too! It really is mind-boggling.

So yeah, you fucktards should stop taking your depression meds and kill yourselves already, you know deep down that your lives are empty shells without your collectivism and materialism.

pajama momma wrote
Awww, the tolerant left.

The "T" Man wrote

Shit head Palin-McCain Lovers and Fuzzlenutter,

If you are too pissed off at the application of our first amendment right (the part about free expression) in which a tee-shirt company is taking the liberty to use by making a somewhat extraordinary and very funny political jab; or, you just hate that McCain and Know-Nothing Palin are getting there ass kicked by an Oreo (that's how your elephant heads would describe Obama), check out toowhitemen.com. You'll really love how we express ourselves about this t-shirt!

Mountain Wander wrote

Che wrote
Hey cool! Now I have something new to jerk off to! Those Abu Ghrab photos were getting a little old.
To all you Palin lovers and Hillary supporters: Get over it! We mens are meant to lead! If you try and step above your station we men will shut you down! We'll support your abortion rights cause we damn sure don't want to be stuck with child support but leading is for us men! Don't try to take our place cause we will beat you down like the hos that you are. We will spit on you and degrade you like in that t-shirt above! Got it, women?

Ol' Jed The Millionaire wrote
This is a horrible miscarriage of both free speech AND reality. Let's face facts; in the REAL world that "Moose Hunter" broad would actually be strapping one on & doing the drilling right into McCain's "Straight Talk Express".

"Doggone it! Looks like I hit another gusher, you betcha!"

Brent wrote
Wow!!! Now I have seen just how flipping crazy you idiots on the left really are... You people really need to get a life and a clue.

dooperoold wrote
These pricks are in it for the money.
No class, no smarts, just cynical money making dressed up with liberal ideology. You can't make money and keep your credibility with the left, without flipping the bird to the 'man' at the same time.

Joe Lieberman wrote
Bob Dole became the Viagra spokesman after losing to Bill Clinton in 1996. Not sure McCain could do much "drilling" even after taking industrial quantities of the stuff!

Mike wrote
You liberals have no class. If you want to attack McCain/Palin for their stands on issues that's fine and expected, but to produce something like this in such poor taste goes beyond what any human being should do to another. Congratulations, you have sunk to the Larry Flynt level!

Theo Van Gogh wrote
"god wrote

Now you say that.

Hussein The Candidate wrote
One People. One Nation. One Leader.


Nick wrote
typical liberal trash. if you guys didn't have trash you wouldn't have anything.

Matthew wrote
Well, I can see that the liberals are engaging in a higher level of thought than they are used to.

pwhited wrote
Interesting shirt. I wonder how your liberal crowd here would like it if it was their new Messiah getting it up the ass from Bill Ayers? Or his "God Damn America" J. Wright?

NUTS wrote
We are getting just what we deserve mediocre leadership from both parties. I think they all suck.
Fuck Liberals and Conservatives.

Subter wrote
I'm off to design an offensive shirt featuring Obama and Biden.

yo mama wrote
i think all yall need to shut up.

U know who wrote
Almost wish I was on the T-shirt.

Mary wrote
What a tasteless shirt. You fools have no class.

Mz. Kink wrote
Wow I guess people have nothing better else to do. I hope McCain wins just so all of you "haters" have something to think about. Wait and these are the people that are voting too????? Just got confirmation that there are more stupid people lving on this earth than I realized.

Mr. Gloo wrote
Ha! Mr. Kink! Haters? You are seriously calling Democrats haters? They invented the KKK!

The very make-up of a Democrat is one of unbridled racism, sexism, and blatant hatred. And all of these things only matter to a Democrat if they think a Republican did it. Compared to the everyday normal behavior of a Democrat, this shirt is nothing.

sora wrote
This shirt is awesome, do not listen to those palin, supporter religious nut jobs, if mcgeezer wins whic seeems unlikely, then we all be living in the dark ages again, because of that relgious nut job palin, and for those dumb fucks republicannts rednecks who are ready, to sacrifice your life, for that mcgezzer is a fucking idiot, she\'s spendind 150k on fucking clothes, while some people are losing their jobs, and this goes for those fucking rednecks who are saying black are enjoying the U.S can go fuck himself ir herself last time i checked slaves made this counry, while they were working the fields, you fat rednecks just sat around, pick a history frucktards, even though all politician are fucking liars, I would take abana over that living corpse any day, and for all racist fucks pick up a biology book, and look around you don\'t fuckin qwn this planet, and by the way god does not exist, it\'s just another way to exploit the ignorant.

coatsy wrote
wher's the viagra in the pic you know that old fuck mcain could'nt get it up without it even though palin is hot as fuckin tamale's

911fever wrote

Liberal Lesbian Laughing Her Ass Off wrote
Is there a cartoon of Palin pegging McCain with \"Drill Baby Drill\" as the slogan? That would appease feminists of all stripe, I think and *still* be hilarious and apt.

Barack Obama wrote
I wear this shirt every day under my suit!

maxim wrote
wow, this is fucked up, hope ur business fucks you over biotch. son of a bastard haha; who ever designed this is full of shiiiit man,

Gary wrote
I thought it was just, y'know, a joke. Made me laugh, anyway.

Calm down people, the good guy won. It's alright.

Steve wrote
Oh come on he's going to break his hip or something.

Bill wrote
Someone has made an animated cartoon based on this T-shirt graphic. I'd be grateful if someone could post the url. It's a hoot!!!

James Heu wrote
I'm just gonna say it -- my dick is bigger.

Awesome. wrote
This shirt is hilarious.
And to the rep. who thinks we need to ruin the environment in order to get gas prices "under control" we have the cheapest petrol in the developed world. Far cheaper than Canada even, and that is where we import a majority of our oil from. [Not the middle east.] Stop bitching a buy a bicycle.

ben dover wrote
fucking great

Stanley Goodspeed wrote
Every women deserves a good spanking from behind including Palin...in this case, not from McCain...It really turned me on...nice artistry...very simple and very dirty!!!

Jake wrote
"like bush but better?" so in other words, she might be a barely passable excuse for a politician? because bush isnt even that. and patriot? please. you obviously dont even know what a patriot is.

bruce wrote
you people are a bunch of commie traitors to the republic just like bongo you will get what you deserve from him.

Chris wrote
Juvenile and stupid.

rararar wrote
fucking a!

Lee wrote
Do you have Obama fucking the American taxpayer in the ass that would be more accurate or maybe a fuck Acorn tee or maybe nancy pelosi with a strap on dick sticking Obama in the ass like she does in real life because that would really be funny mcain and palin lost and by the way bush isn't the prez nope just the husain obama and his jihad party

Dookie wrote
True dat Lee. I def buy any one of those shirts if not all of them.

Beefallo wrote
If only I had the balls to wear a shirt like that!

kevin wrote
offensive and ugly

Brody wrote
Extremely distasteful. Typical Liberal doings, their only forum to do so, on a t-shirt or on the internet.

bad mother fucker wrote
hey brody....first of all.... brody is a fags name...he, he ..... typical liberal doings??? typical neo con doings are sending young men off to die for NOTHING....AND DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.... BUT anyhoo I love this shirt....it makes me think....he was probably thinking of WILLOW WHILE HE'S FUCKING HER GRANNY...... THE MAYOR OF MOOSE TOWN...BAHHHHAAAA......

Better then you wrote
You people make me want to puke! This shirt is about as low rent as the IQ of the bitter loser who made it. By all means, you libtards should rush out and buy one so people can immediately discern your complete lack of class. Keep on slurping that Kos Koolaide you sniveling dullards. As Abe said, you people should just keep your mouth shut rather then removing all doubt.

John Boner wrote
When is the video scheduled for release??

Sean wrote
Brilliant, exquisite, genius. Buy it for your favorite republican. If they live in the path of the oil spill even better.

BP wrote
I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!! you guys are awesome. Now how is Palin going to clean up this BP mess...... Sounds like a DP to me.

Constitutionality wrote
Liberalism is a delusional disease in which you\'ve shown your true colors. This is not only in poor taste, but makes no sense, and is negative humor, of which plays fun at the expense of others, especially ones who are trying to make a difference in our country. You\'re basically promoting demeaning values and furthermore adding to the dissension from any good citizens who want to run for office. This is just as bad as the attacks from media... How many good people have we lost because of this stuff...

Fuck all of ya\'ll wrote
Fuck all of ya\'ll bastards...


jerry wrote
found a new cool one, check it out www.crazyshirtsclub.com

willard wrote
If Obama was behind she would go crossed eyed while he be saying I too can see Russia from your BAck door r

lenny moses. wrote
lay off bush, he was cool!! didnt take no shit from nobody!!! and what guy alive would kick sarah palin out of bed??, not too many !!!

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